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I want to invest

Five steps to start investing

  1. Select the closest branch.
  2. Take all necessary documentation to a branch (as noted below).
  3. Sign the contract and related documentation.
  4. You will receive access to the e-Broker internet application.
  5. Deposit or send funds to your new account

And you are ready to start!

Below you will find the documents that you will need or sign if you decide to become our client. Simply visit one of our branches. A Commission Contract cannot be concluded via the mail based on the Act to Prevent the Legalization of Profits from Crimes and Protection from Financial Terrorism.

Visit our branch where you will in a few minutes get on-line access to foreign stock exchanges.

Regular citizen

At signature you will need:

  • Identification card
  • Securities depository account number (for trades in the Czech Republic)**
  • Your bank account number
  • Power attorney agreement for any representatives

You will sign:

Corporate customers

At contract signature you will need:

  • Identification card(s) for the people (persons) permitted to sign contracts in the name of the company pursuant to the Commercial Register excerpt
  • Original or certified excerpt from the Commercial Register not older than 1 months
  • Securities Depository account number (for trades in the Czech Republic)
  • Power attorney agreement for any representatives
  • Company bank account number
  • Documents related to the ownership or management structure are provided upon request

You will sign:

How much will it cost me?

Convince yourself of just how low the fees for trading at Fio are:

What account is used to make purchases?

Bank account number


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