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Fio has prepared a cycle of educational seminars dealing with the capital markets just for you. Themes are suitable for complete beginners and experienced investors. If you are looking for an alternative to term deposits and you have some knowledge of investing but are lacking experience or perhaps you already invest alone and would want to learn how to use tools for more efficient trading, feel free to choose from more advanced topics. We will teach you how to invest to the best of your investment abilities.

Jarné kolo investičných seminárov sa s ohľadom na aktuálnu situáciu neuskutoční. Veríme, že sa stretneme na jeseň.

Seminars are held in cities across the Slovak Republic during evening hours. Seminars are FREE.

Sign up by simply clicking on the name of the seminar you want to visit. If you are interested in visiting multiple seminars, you must sign up for each individually.

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