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Fio banka as the first on the Czech market offers a smart banking application developed especially for smart phones. Smartbanking provides you with information about your finances and the ability to manage your funds from anywhere, whenever you want. Thanks to this program you can use your smart phone to review your account balance and transaction history and place payment orders within the Czech Republic and in Slovakia for free or at good rates to other countries in the Eurozone; you can also review messages from the bank, change settings, find the closest branch or calculate standard transaction fees and verify that there really are no fees with Fio banka.

Smartbanking Advantages

  • Fast, modern and easy access to your finances from anywhere
  • Easy to control - native applications for iOS, Android
  • The information section is available to everyone without logging in
  • Ability to control Fio banka payment cards
  • Free transactions within the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Installing and using the Smartbanking application is FREE
  • Discover all the functions of Fio Smartbanking

Smartbanking activation

  1. Download and install Smartbanking application from the AppStore, Google Play  to your phone or tablet.
  2. Run the application Smartbanking. In the main menu click on "Settings", then select "Device registration". Enter your username that you use to login to your Internetbanking. Device ID leave blank. After filling in the data, click on "Registration" button.
  3. Log in to Internetbanking and select "Settings - Smartbanking". Below "Instructions" you will see the table "Activation of Smart banking". Click on the symbol (checkmark) in the "Action" column. In the form then fill out the required information and click on "Send". Instruction for activation, please, authorize.
  4. For safety reasons, we recommend that you use a different password for Smartbanking from the one you use for Internetbanking.

Change password and PIN

Click the "Global Settings" tab in Internetbanking. You'll find the Change password and PIN section at the bottom of the page, which you can use to change your details.

Removing a phone

Click on the "Global Settings" tab in Internetbanking. You'll find the "Remove" option at the bottom of the page next to the telephone you want to remove.

Smartbanking activation after downloading and installing an update

You'll receive the following message on your device after downloading and installing the latest version of the Smartbanking application:

Unauthorized device. Device must be authorized in Internetbanking: Please enter this ID: xxxxxxxx.

When you log into Internetbanking, click on the "Global Settings tab". The UID (user ID) for your smartphone will appear in the lower part of the page. Click "Confirm device" to finish activation. At that moment you can log in to your Smartbanking application.

Smartbanking cancellation

Click on the "Global Settings" tab in Internetbanking. The "Deactivate" option is located at the bottom of the page next to your login name.

Safety Warning for Users of the Android Operating System:

  • Please use the links shown on this site to download the application.
  • Check to ensure that you are downloading the actual application created by Fio banka (make sure Fio banka is the application developer).
  • Fio banka does not recommend downloading the application from any alternative markets or websites.

Supported operating systems:

  • iOS 7.0 (and higher)
  • Android 2.2 (and higher)

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