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How to start trading

Online securities trading is becoming a more favored form of investing. The program allows for immediate control over your funds and if needed in a matter of seconds you can buy or sell stocks and other securities.

Investors can utilize czech markets BCPP a RM-SYSTÉM. And also american, german and hungarian markets in foreign countries.

Before you start...

  • Try free e-Broker demoversion  for investing through PC or notebook
  • Download Fio Smartbroker application to your smartphone or tablet from Google Play - you can watch progression of securities and also investment news. You can gain ccess to secured part of application (observing portfolio, securities buying/selling) by opening demoversion in application options.
  • Become familiar with expanded analytic service Fio - not just news about what´s happening on stock exchange, but also default portfolios, investment recommendations and dividend information.
  • Avoid Beginners' mistakes that may be due to ignorance, lack of experience or information. Read counselor´s tips or visit free investment educational seminars

How to do it

  • Receive stock market access for free, only pay for completed orders (buy/sell) - see the Pricelist.
  • In order to receive the e-Broker application, which provides you with fast access to Czech and foreign stock exchanges, simply visit a branch and become a Fio banka client in 5 easy steps.
  • This will then allow you to follow stock prices online and to react to investment opportunities. You will also be provided with current news from Fio banka and weekly updated lists of investment recommendations (that you can then take advantage of anywhere you may be thanks to e-Broker).
  • At the start, you should define an investment horizon (the length of an investment).
  • Select the best investment strategy matching your goals and the time you period during which you want to invest.
  • Select a suitable portfolio and define your investment goals. You may be inspired by the sample portfolio and analysis from Fio banka.
  • Then wait for the best opportunity and purchase the securities you have selected. Buying or selling stocks is a matter of a few moments.
  • Monitor stock prices and news updates provided by Fio banka's brokers.
  • Contact a broker in the event of any issues at your branch.

Five steps to start investing

  1. Select the closest branch
  2. Take all necessary documentation to a branch (as noted below).
  3. Sign the contract and related documentation.
  4. You will receive access to the e-Broker internet application.
  5. Deposit or send funds to your new account


Do you want to learn more about selecting an investment strategy, how to properly invest or collect dividends? How about avoiding typical beginner mistakes? Find advice and information about getting started here.



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