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About the e-Broker application

e-Broker is a unique tool for online stock trading. The use of this internet application is free and allows you to quickly and easily trade on Czech, American and German stock markets in real time - buying and selling securities is a question of a matter of seconds.

The e-Broker application was created in 1997 and since that time it has been developed to match the needs and requests of our clients.

Investment instruments

  • Stocks: U.S., Germany, Czech Republic
  • ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) on global indexes, commodities, currencies, bonds and economic sectors
  • Futures - term derivatives for oil, gold and many others
  • Investment certificates
  • Warrants

Access to global exchanges

What does e-Broker do?

Try the demo

Would you like to learn how online investing works and then to find out just how successfully you can earn returns on your money? Test out the e-Broker internet application risk-free with our free trial. The account will be functional for a period of 30 days and will be created after completing a short registration form.

Demo stock investment account - invest without any money or risk

How to become a client?

  • Become a Fio client. The easiest way is to visit any of the company's branches
  • Find everything you need here


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