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RM-SYSTEM Czech stock exchange

RM-SYSTEM, česká burza cenných papírů, a.s., is a market where the most important Czech and foreign companies including ČEZ, Telefónica O2, Unipetrol, Komerční banka, Erste Bank and NWR are traded. Since 2007, foreign stock titles have been traded on RM-SYSTEM in the Czech Koruna.. The most important such companies include Volkswagen, Deutsche Telekom, Intel, Nokia, Exxon Mobil and Microsoft. RM-SYSTEM was founded in 1993 and since 1. 12. 2008 it has become the standard stock market focused on small and medium investors.

The RM-SYSTEM stock exchange is the only stock exchange with on-line securities settlement.

Benefits of the RM-SYSTEM Stock Exchange:

EasyClick order

An EasyClick order is the best method in terms of fees for trading Czech stocks in smaller and medium volumes.

Range of titles

On the Czech RM-S Stock Exchange you can trade Czech stocks and can invest using Czech Koruna in other foreign titles including Nokia, Microsoft, Intel and a range of other stocks. You can use EasyClick and standard orders to trade individual shares.

  • You can find a list of EasyClick stocks here.

online settlement

The RM-SYSTEM Stock Exchange offers a unique option for online settlement at time T+0. From the moment a trade is completed, you are the practical owner of the securities instantly.

Trading period

online auctions are from 09:00 to 17:00. RM-SYSTEM is the only open stock exchange in the Czech Republic. One large benefit is also the opportunity to respond to current situations on the market in evening hours..

Intelligent orders

RM-SYSTEM is the only stock exchange in the Czech Republic to offer Stoploss orders directly at the stock exchange level. Information about Stop Prices are shown directly in the exchange's trading system. More here.

How to start trading on the RM-SYSTEM Stock Exchange?

  • Anyone can register on the RM-SYSTEM Stock Exchange in the Global Settings e-Broker application.
  • If you are interested in trading, please contact a Fio branch.
  • You can find more information about the RM-SYSTEM website.


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