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This service provides users with intermittent reports to their email or mobile phone containing information about interesting investment opportunities or trades they have completed. Based on the selected type of notice, every report contains the following such information:

  • Information when given price level is reached for a selected security.
  • Information concerning completed trades if a selected order is completely or partially satisfied.

The Alert service is available to all clients of Fio banka.

Service principle

Individual messages are generated and distributed automatically once the conditions entered by the user to set off an alert are met. Fio uses a specialized external company to ensure that all SMS are delivered to all client numbers on mobile phone operators. All clients registered for this service receive SMS reports in a matter of moments after they are generated.

Conditions and process to receive service

  • The price for the service is CZK 2 for every sent SMS, while messages sent to e-mail addresses are free of charge.
  • SMS fees are automatically deducted from a client's trading account at the end of the calendar month.
  • It is not necessary to sign any new contract and you only need to register with us for Alerts.
  • Alert service is provided only to Fio clients with a valid commission contract.
  • Alerts can only be activated using a Czech mobile operator phone number.

Service registration

The "Alert" link is available directly in the e-Broker application in the main menu. If a user wants to set up an alert once an order is satisfied, he or she simply needs to select its number from the drop-down box and enter a phone number or e-mail address for message delivery. If you want to set up an alert once a price is reached, enter the identification of the selected title and the given price.


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