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The connection of the Streamer data application to the e-Broker trading application provides you with a complete stock trading system on your computer that is comparable to those used by professional traders. Streamer allows you to make faster reactions to situations on the market while managing a portfolio composed of a number of titles. We consider the following to be the fundamental characteristics and competitive benefits of this application:

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  • The ability to continuously display and monitor securities prices on all markets in the Czech Republic, USA and Germany is offered by the e-Broker application.
  • In total you can use Streamer to monitor 15 selected portfolios with up to 20 titles in each portfolio.
  • You can set up alerts once specific prices are reached for individual titles.
  • In order to increase user comfort, the application also shows an automatically updated graph of the price.

Streamer principle

In practice Streamer works so that a client's computer receives updated data on every change on the market. As opposed to e-Broker, it shows the price valid when the page is refreshed and the screen can be automatically refreshed every minute in the settings. If you are actively trading and use small deviations in prices, even one minute's delay can cause enormous complications connected to updated prices. If you are interested in trading with multiple titles at the same time, it is almost essential that you be automatically notified once one of your limit values for prices are reached for the individual titles. Streamer will notify you once such a value is reached using a signal and a visible alert on the screen. Another feature contributing to your comfort is the ability to display up to 4 graphs for the titles you are monitoring and prices on the screen, which Streamer updates in real time.

Conditions and procedure for receiving the application

This service is offered at an unbeatable price of CZK 780 a month. This amount is automatically deducted from your trading account. Contractually, application operation is managed by the same contract as for e-Broker. There is no reason to sign any new contract; all you need to do is simply sign up for Streamer online. Streamer is not provided to clients that do not have an e-Broker contract.

Streamer registration

  • By clicking you will open the page for the e-Broker application whereby the Streamer registration form immediately appears once you log in. The application can be registered at any time in e-Broker using the Streamer link in the upper navigation bar.

How to install Streamer

  • You can find a detailed description of the installation and the installation file here.


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