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Do you like to shop online, but are tired of filling in your credit card details? With Mastercard a Visa cards stored in Click to Pay, you can pay at participating e-shops via the payment button more conveniently and with just a few clicks.

Advantages of Click to Pay

  • Fast, secure and modern online payment method
  • No need to copy card number
  • You don't hand over any card details to the merchant

How to activate the service

  1. Log in to Smartbanking or Internetbanking.
  2. Click on the icon in the details of the payment card you wish to save to Click to Pay.
  3. Confirm and authorise your request to activate the service.
  4. Review and edit your card details if necessary.
  5. We will confirm the completed service activation by a message to your phone

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How to pay with Click to Pay

  • You can pay wherever you see the icon
  • After redirecting to the payment gateway, enter the e-mail you filled in when activating the service.
  • A password will be sent to your phone for verification.
  • If you have more than one card stored in Click to Pay, choose the one you will pay.
  • Confirm the payment in your Smartbanking or with an SMS code.


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