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You can arrange insurance coverage to cover your Fio banka payment cards. Choose from travel insurance, card fraud insurance or legal costs insurance coverage. Insurance coverage corresponds to the validity of the card itself and the insurance will automatically continue when a new card is issued, so long as the client does not cancel the insurance.

How to get it?

  • Visit any Fio banka branch to set up for the insurance coverage you need.
  • You can also purchase insurance in Internetbanking or Smartbanking when applying for a new payment card.
  • Insured: holder of a payment card with a permanent residence in the Slovak Republic.

Family travel insurance

This travel insurance is intended for travel abroad.

The time restriction for one such trip covered by the travel insurance is 100 days.

This coverage extends to the insured individual's family members who travel with the insured cardholder (spouse and children up to age 18).

The following coverage and services are included:

  • Medical treatment insurance including assistance services,
  • Personal liability insurance,
  • Luggage insurance,
  • Casualty insurance.

You can agree on the following types of travel insurance:

  • Standard (EUR 1,7 a month) covers travel for both business and pleasure.
  • Exclusive (EUR 3,7 a month) also covers both types of travel (covered by the Standard insurance) as well as trips taken for the express purposes of recreation involving standard recreational sports.
  • Gold (EUR 4,7 a month) also covers both types of travel (covered by Standard and Exclusive insurance) as well as recreational activities that are not the primary purpose of the trip as named in the insurance terms and conditions.

Find the terms and conditions as well as insurance limits here.

Fraud insurance

This insurance is used to protect against fraud caused by the loss or theft and subsequent misuse of your payment card, the theft of cash and to insure against the loss or theft of keys, personal documents, wallets and mobile phones that are lost or stolen at the same time as the covered payment card. Three types of insurance are offered:

  • Basic (EUR 0,6 per month),
  • Classic (EUR 1,2 per month),
  • Extra (EUR 2,2 per month).

These types vary in terms of the level of protection provided. Find the terms and conditions as well as insurance limits here.

Legal costs insurance from D.A.S.

Legal costs insurance is provided to protect the interests of the insured party and to pay for the costs associated with the legal defence of the insured party. The insurance provider is obliged to provide the insured party with coverage for costs associated with the following legal matters as defined in the concluded policy:

  • Damage compensation,
  • Legal representation of the insured party in criminal, misdemeanour and other administrative matters,
  • Insurance law,
  • Legal counsel,
  • Other disputes,
  • Repeated breach of obligation or regulation.

Insurance cover can be agreed in the following types:

  • Type A (EUR 20 annually) - cover civil law claims for damage compensation and criminal law.
  • Type B (EUR 40 annually) - covers civil law claims for damage compensation, criminal law, revocation matters and insurance law.

More information and insurance terms and conditions can be found here.

  • New insurance is not currently under negotiation.


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