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Arrange an overdraft to add EUR 200 to 220,000 (or CZK 5,000 to 6,000,000) to your personal account. Thanks to an overdraft, you can go negative on your account at any time and repeatedly. You can use the borrowed money for anything.

You can add a financial reserve for anything!

Benefits of an overdraft

  • You pay no fees
  • You draw money whenever you need it
  • You can use it for any purpose
  • You only pay interest on the amount borrowed and you can get a interest discount!
  • For a personal or business account

Loan parameters

        • Annual interest: 18.90 %
        • Attachment fee: 0.00 %
        • Minimum extension/renewal fee: 0
        Note: The overdraft offered can be found in the price list and tariff under "Tariff 3".

We also offer a favourable business overdraft for individuals and legal entities.

Discount without obstructions

We'll provide you with a discount without obstructions! We'll lower your interest rate by 2 % if you comply with your overdraft facility agreement after the first year of its use. We'll lower your interest rate by another 2 % if you continue to comply with the conditions of the agreement in the next year. In total we can lower your interest rate by up to 4 % automatically and without any unnecessary obstructions!


How to get an overdraft facility

If you already have a Fio current or business account to which you regularly receive income (e.g. sales, salary, a pension, etc.) you can request an overdraft facility at any branch or online in Internetbanking or Smartbanking (New Product).

We'll review your request in a matter of days and then inform you of the results.

1. Open an account with Fio banka - in person at a branch or online.

2. Print out the income confirmation form and have your employer complete the form for the previous three months.

3. Come to any branch with the completed form and request an overdraft facility. 

Once we have reviewed your request we will contact you with our offer. You will then sign the overdraft facility agreement at any branch.

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