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Business loans

Fio banka has a long-standing commitment to financing business activities of entities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Leveraging its extensive experience, it offers a wide range of credit products including operational, investment, development, and project financing.

Financing tailored to your individual needs!

Characteristics of Fio banka loans

  • The loan amount starts from 800 000 EUR, with a repayment period of up to 25 years depending on the nature and distribution of future income from the financed project. Upon agreement and meeting the bank's conditions, especially regarding the nature of the real estate collateral, it may be possible to arrange a loan starting from 120 000 EUR.
  • Loans are provided based on real estate collateral (the maximum loan amount typically ranges from 60 to 75% of the property's market value), which can be supplemented with collateral of creditworthy receivables, movable assets, securities, and optionally guarantees.
  • The loan interest rate is typically structured as variable, incorporating the EURIBOR rate as a reference rate along with a fixed contractual margin. Loans are usually arranged with an annual fixation.
  • The fees for loan origination and administration are determined on an individual basis.


  • Zero fees for maintaining bank accounts and payment transactions
  • Loan interest calculated on a daily basis
  • No penalties for full or partial early repayment of the loan
  • Individualized approach

How to apply for a loan with Fio banka

Contacts for your inquiries:

  • helpline (general): +421 220 850 411
  • phone numbers for business loans over 800 000 EUR:  
  • +420 224 342 901
  • +420 224 346 278
  • +421 224 342 307
Please send us the following information:
  • Applicant's personal details
  • Information regarding the real estate or other collateral for the loan (including floor area measurements of the properties and their addresses for initial appraisal purposes)
  • Specifics of the financed project (including requested loan amount, loan maturity, and details of cash flows intended for loan repayment).

If the above-mentioned parameters for business loans do not meet your needs (loan amount, required collateral, etc.), consider applying for a favorable commercial mortgage loan, business overdraft, or installment loan.

Types of business loans:


Operational financing

Do you need funds for the day-to-day operations of your business - working capital financing?

Do you have numerous receivables from other entities, but lack funds due to the prolonged maturity of your customers' invoices? Or are you troubled by the excessively short payment terms of your suppliers' invoices? Are you looking to enhance your cash flow? Take advantage of the extensive options provided by our operational financing, which will help you bridge gaps in cash flow.

Investment financing

Are you looking to expand your business activities or do you have a new entrepreneurial venture in mind?

We are here to support your investment project and the successful development of your business. Seize the opportunity for favorable financing for acquiring both tangible and intangible assets tailored to your goals and needs - such as the construction of various properties, purchase of machinery and equipment, transportation vehicles, or cutting-edge technologies, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Real estate development financing

The real estate market presents encouraging prospects for entrepreneurial ventures, whether it involves residential or commercial properties.

Are you planning to construct a residential or commercial property for the purpose of sale or lease? Executing development projects necessitates ample experience and a robust, stable partner for financing. Submit your development project to us and secure funding from experts with industry experience!

Debt refinancing

Are you dissatisfied with your current loan or multiple loans you're repaying to various financial institutions and considering a change?

Do you feel like you're paying too much for financing your activities, or do you prefer consolidating existing loans into one? Forget about traditional, inflexible banks; instead, contact us with basic information about your current obligations, and we'll inform you about the conditions under which we can help you refinance them. Stabilize your financial situation with our assistance.

Financing for farmers

Fio banka has long been offering financing for agricultural projects. With our acquired experience, we have mastered subsidy programs for farmers.

We provide consultations, assistance with loan applications, and free evaluation, along with complimentary management of the credit account. We are flexible, offering high variability in repayment options and loan security.

Financing for Agricultural Machinery
  • An investment loan designed to finance agricultural machinery that facilitates business development - reducing production costs or improving the quality of manufactured products.
  • Securing the purchased technology with real estate, and the possibility of individual agreements.
  • Financing up to 100% of the purchase price. Funds are disbursed upon submission of purchase contracts, invoices (including advance payments).
  • Gradual utilization of the credit line is possible, with the option to establish an individual repayment schedule.

Bankruptcy buyouts

A credit product tailored for situations where new management assumes ownership of a company. The primary benefit for the company typically arises from the new contracts introduced by the incoming management. Fio banka provides financial assistance in two main scenarios: when successful companies engage in acquisitions of competitors, suppliers, or customers, and when investor groups or entities seeking acquisitions come together to acquire a specific business, often following the resolution of debts through bankruptcy.

Individual loans

If none of the above-mentioned types of loans suit your needs, we offer you the possibility of financing your requirements or projects under individually tailored conditions based on your specific business case.

Individual loans are subject to the same rules as all types of business loans from Fio, especially regarding their amount, collateral, etc. The interest rate reflects the riskiness of the specific business case.

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