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List of transparent accounts

In order to better and more easily orient yourself within the transparent account list use the search by account holder name or account number features.

You can view a transparent account by clicking View account.

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Account ownerAccount number
Antoni, JanaSK6683300000002002436253View account
Anulum, n. o.SK5983300000002001882024View account
APNEAMAN Slovakia Košice, o. z.SK9783300000002401589919View account
Apoštolská cirkev na SlovenskuSK4283300000002101400256View account
Apoštolská cirkev na Slovensku, zbor Banská BystricaSK6883300000002601339922View account
AROOSK8283300000002102152741View account
ASCSK6983300000002901724654View account
Asociácia slovenských klubov agilitySK9883300000002500965625View account
Asociácia 5. pluku a špeciálnych sílSK3383300000002701815965View account
Ateliér neprofesionálnych výtvarníkovSK9883300000002701829830View account
Atletika Košice, o.z.SK0883300000002101917490View account
Autistické centrum Rubikon, n. o.SK1783300000002301316542View account
Autistické centrum Rubikon, n. o.SK7283300000002701351021View account
Auto klub KošiceSK1983300000002701826111View account
Babicová, DanielaSK3083300000002402217551View account
Babic, PavolSK9083300000007905888704View account
BabkaDedko - s nami nie ste sami...SK5083300000002401781564View account
Bábky v nemocniciSK5183300000002500184263View account
Bábky v nemocniciSK3883300000002900184270View account
Bajak, IvanSK6083300000002402431478View account
BajkomSK9283300000002602207737View account
BAJKSLAVASK3983300000002801733035View account
Bakita, VladimírSK7083300000002602297664View account
Balážik, PavolSK2483300000002202335094View account
Baláž, EduardSK6283300000002302363332View account
Balco, JozefSK5783300000002401523709View account
Bálint Olexová, MarcelaSK5383300000002902380662View account
Bálintová, KatarínaSK1283300000002302256756View account
Balogová, MartinaSK1883300000002002223717View account
Balog, BorisSK2883300000002502404813View account
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