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Organizational Structure

Fio banka is owned by two Czech owners. The key decisions are subject to approval by the Supervisory Board, which includes the owners RNDr. Petr Marsa and Mgr. Romuald Kopún; the third member is Ing. Ján Franek. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jan Sochor, is also the director responsible for the individual divisions.

Fio banka, a.s.

Jan SochorMgr. Jan Sochor, Chairman of the Board and Director, has held various positions within the Fio Financial Group since its establishment in 1993. He has vast experience in securities trading on domestic and foreign markets and is a licensed broker. He has personally shared in the development of key applications that have ensured technical advancements in the field for the company. He has been Director since 2001. For a number of years he has been active in bodies of the Prague Stock Exchange and is a member of the Exchange Guarantee Fund Council and a member of the Exchange Commission for Exchange Trading.


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