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Streamer - installation

How to successfully launch the Streamer application:

  • Register for the service - if you have not done so you must first register in the e-Broker application.
  • Download the Streamer application - save the file to you computer and then open it.
  • Install Java 1.6 runtime or higher - the application is programmed for this environment and Java must be installed on your computer if you currently do not have it.
  • In order to increase user comfort the application automatically opens an updated pricing graph.
  • Before starting the Streamer application you must electronically sign a real-time data provisioning contract in the e-Broker application with the securities exchange in Global Settings.

The connection of the Streamer data application to the e-Broker trading application provides you with a complete stock trading system on your computer comparable to those used by professional traders.


Detailed information about the service and conditions for its use are located in the registration form here (the Streamer registration form is shown after logging in to e-Broker). The form can also be accessed in e-Broker by using the main menu.

How to download Streamer

  • Download the file streamer.jar and save it on your computer. As long as the file starts after clicking the streamer.jar link, right click on the mouse and save the file using the selection from the menu (Save link as).
  • Double-clicking streamer.jar will start the installation.
  • Fill in your name and password from registration into the appropriate fields and send by clicking on OK and the application will be activated.
  • If Streamer does not start after double-clicking or states that you need a higher version of Java, continue using the following points.

How to install Java?

  • Streamer was created using Java programming language and Java 1.6 or higher must be installed.
  • Windows operating system users can get the proper installation file for the program from our website (JRE 1.6), users of other operating systems can download the file from the SUN website ( Here the installation file for JRE (runtime) 1.6 or higher must be downloaded with full language support, including English for your operating system when possible.
  • After downloading, close all applications using Java (in particular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape Navigator...). This also means the program you are using to read this description.
  • Double click on the downloaded installation file to start installation. Confirm the installation conditions by clicking "Yes". Install a typical Java installation (select "Typical"). Restart Streamer by double clicking on streamer.jar, which now should be functional.

Technical support

If you have any installation problems, contact our Fio support service in e-Broker, e-mail or via phone at +420 224 346 392.


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