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Fio e-Broker protects you but does not limit you. You are free to select your own level of security. Higher levels of protection are recommended but are voluntary.

The e-Broker application is secured on a number of different levels.

SMS authorization code

You can select to confirm every order using an SMS authorization code to your mobile phone

Authorization code length

  • Variable from 5 to 10 characters.

Number of attempts

  • Select from 1 to 3 attempts to confirm order using the authorization code.

Valid period

  • Code validity is from 1 to 15 minutes.

User name and password

Access to the application is protected using a user name and password, which must be changed every six months. The password is entered in an encrypted form, which also cannot be accessed by Fio employees.

Secure financial account

Funds on the e-Broker can only be transferred to accounts confirmed in advance in writing in the contract.

Graphical keyboard

All characters can be entered using by clicking the mouse on the graphical keyboard. This protects your characters from being read as keystrokes by a Key Logger or overly curious eyes.

Communication encryption

All data transmitted from the client's computer and the Fio server, and vice versa, is sent using standard 128-bit SSL encryption.


We do not disclose all of the safety and security elements. Security is and always has been the focus of our attention.

Setting up security settings

You can change your security settings using personal settings at any Fio branch.


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